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Where to Go Fly Fishing in Slovenia? [Top 5 rivers]

Slovenia is one of Europe’s top fly-fishing destinations. With over 5,000 rivers and streams, it might seem difficult to choose where to go. Although you mostly cannot go wrong, whatever you choose, it helps if you can fish where it suits you best.

Here are the best five rivers for fly fishing in Slovenia:


The Soča River is a river that flows through western Slovenia and northeast Italy. It has been said to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. It is most famous for its emerald color, and the population of the iconic Marble Trout.

It is the most popular river for fly fishing in Slovenia, surrounded by beautiful peaks of the Julian Alps. During summer, this place might get crowded with tourists but if you find a nice spot along its pools, cascades, and gorges, you can have a pretty good time catching some fish.

Soča River with its emerald color


Unica is a hidden gem in Slovenia. It’s known for its big graylings, which are very common in the river. Unica flows out of Planina Cave and is considered to be a karst river due to its underground water sources.


This freshwater fishery has high-quality water with low levels of pollution and a great place for an afternoon fly fishing trip when you want to relax after exploring all the other places on this list!

Hidden gem of Unica


The Savinja is a river in northern Slovenia and a major left tributary of the Sava River. It’s one of the best undiscovered fly fishing rivers in Slovenia. This river has the biggest average size of fish in Slovenia — you can even catch some giant Huchen!


On this river, you’ll find deep pools, fast currents and long runs. With its mild climate and high water level all year round, Savinja is a great Slovenia fly fishing destination for anglers who prefer to sight cast or nymph fish their flies through riffles and runs; however barbless nymphs work well too if you prefer to flick your fly along rocky banks or overhanging bushes.

Big fish in the Savinja River

Sava Bohinjka

The Sava Bohinjka is a river in northern Slovenia. The river springs from the Julian Alps and flows through the Bohinj Valley, past Bled, joining with Sava Dolinka to form the longest Slovene river, Sava.


Because of plentiful food, it is heavily stocked with fish. Its pools and cascades are easily accessible, and it even has some dams, where large pools with trophy-sized individuals can be found.


Can it get better? Yes — it is also located in the Triglav National Park!

The pristine Sava Bohinjka


The Idrijca is a tributary of the Soča River. It is the home of some of the largest Marble Trout in Slovenia, and also beautiful Grayling. It has rich green pools, abundant with sources of food, which in turn leads to a lot of fish.


Idrijca offers fantastic fly fishing throughout the season, mostly in the early spring, when Soča is till too cold from the snowmelt. And then in the summer, it is much more peaceful than its emerald counterpart, which has lots of tourists.

Green pools of Idrijca

Slovenia is a fly-fishing catch for any angler

Any time of the year, Slovenia is a wonderful place to visit for fly fishing. Above we mentioned just five of our favourite fly fishing rivers in the country, but there are many more.


Find out more about opportunities for guided Slovenia Fly Fishing here.

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