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Our way

We are committed to sustainable practices that help to preserve local culture and nature for our children and grandchildren. We firmly believe that tourism shouldn't affect any local traditions or be stressful for the local environment. That is why we operate only in small groups and work hand in hand with the local community, producers and suppliers. Our guests recognize and support our values and therefore help us to maintain our destination healthy, clean, and green.

Wajdusna guides

We make sure all our guides are coming from the local environment and are responsible and committed to sustainable living. Our tour guides interpret and help travellers to understand local standards and values. They can indicate to them what appropriate behaviour is that does not go against local customs and expectations.


We are honoured that our way of working was recognized by Travelife and Slovenia Green as responsible towards the local community, nature, employees, partners, and our clients. We are a sustainability certified travel agency, Travelife partner and Slovenia Green Travel Agency.

Local community

We believe that tourism should be only beneficial for the local community. That is why we encourage travellers to respect local habits and customs and buy things directly from the producers. We support local schools with free bike rentals and guided tours for educational purposes. As members of a local initiative, we work on developing local tourism based on sustainable practices.

W TIP: Eat local food
Food and drinks offered on our tours are exclusively coming from local farmers and wine producers. We truly believe that local and seasonal food is the healthiest. With this, we also support our local economy, and our clients get top quality food and drinks.


We are offering the possibility to our customers to support the community initiatives by donating. Each year we choose a different organization that operates in the local environment and tries to make it better. This year we will donate to a local hiking association responsible for maintaining the hiking trails we use in the Vipava Valley.

Carbon footprint

The term carbon footprint is used to illustrate the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for which either an individual or an organization is responsible. Why do we calculate the carbon footprint for each of our tours? To control their footprint and reduce emissions over time.

W TIP: Enter the amazing world of bees
Meet the beekeeper and discover the fascinating lives of bees. By creating the API Family tour, our goal was to encourage travellers to act more sustainably by learning about the bees and how important is a healthy and clean environment for their survival.

How we contribute?

Our team lives in Ajdovščina, Slovenia, in a radius of 2 km from our office. We mainly walk or cycle to work. In case of bad weather, we use the car and share the ride. We often replace in-person visits with video chat or teleconferencing to reduce unnecessary travel. We also decrease the frequency of business travel by combining trade fair visits and meetings into one trip.

It makes a difference

If we change our form of transport and lower our car rides by 50% per year and switch to cycling or walking to the office, we can cut our CO2 emissions to 130 kg per person in one year. 

It's your turn

We encourage our guests to use MTB, e-bikes or walk to wineries, farms, and natural attractions. We adapted our packages such as Hike & Fly, Hike & Wine, and Bike & Wine to promote soft mobility and thus contribute to less environmental pollution.

Dear visitors to the Vipava Valley! We are convinced that our efforts to steer a green course are noticeable throughout the valley and that visitors like you appreciate the outcome of our green commitment. During your stay, we encourage you to keep in mind these green tips to support us in our efforts in keeping the valley green and help us build a better world for all.

                → Green Tips

W TIP: Try our cycling tour in the Vipava Valley
The last project we worked on for Vipava Bike is the Wine and Bike tour with e-bikes. We introduced it last year. Our goal was to offer a ride through our Valley even for those who are not that physically prepared. And with ease can reach beautiful spots and at the end of our ride can taste local wines. With this tour, we wanted to state that cycling doesn't always have to be seen as a sport but also an alternative way of traveling. Instead of using a car or van.

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