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Explore the Balkans from Slovenia

The Balkans are a region with a fascinating history and diverse culture. From the sunny beaches of Croatia to the snowy peaks of Albania, this region is home to many different countries and cultures.

Here are some of the best countries you should include in your Balkan adventure.

Slovenia is a great place to start your Balkan tour

Slovenia is an excellent starting point for exploring the Balkans because it’s easy to get around and has beautiful mountains, cities and lakes. Although it’s a small country, it is also one of the most diverse in Europe and definitely worth a visit.

You can visit Lake Bled, an alpine lake with a lovely church in the middle surrounded by stunning mountains. From there you can explore the pristine nature of the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park. All the way down lies the Postojna Cave, where an underground train can show you its mysteries, and you can even see a “baby dragon”. And in the end, enjoy the sunset in a cafe beneath a Venetian house in Piran, one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

Lake Bled


Just south of Slovenia lies Croatia, the pearl of the Adriatic. With its crystal wat and ancient history, it makes for an excellent summer vacation or even better, one of the destinations on your Grand Balkan Tour.

Its most well known for its numerous islands which are perfect for sailing or exploring on foot. And don’t forget to stop at the beaches, they really are a marvel. And when you get a little to brown from the sun, move on to one of the ancient cities like Split or Dubrovnik, and admire palaces and historic architecture.

Kornati islands, Croatia

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is located at the crossroads of cultures, where three religions and ethnicities live together in one country. That also mirrors in the diversity you can find here.

Explore cities like the capital of Sarajevo, and see mosques and churches standing side by side in the same town. Walk over the bridge in the town of Mostar and explore the historic relics of the Ottoman Empire. And don’t forget about the cuisine — the country is well known for its delicious minced meat sausages called “čevapčiči”, which you must try when visiting.

Streets of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Serbia is a large and picturesque country in the middle of the Balkans. Its capital, Belgrade, is home to numerous majestic structures, gigantic cathedrals, and temples that represent Serbia’s religious and cultural variety, as well as medieval landmarks like the Kalemegdan fortress.

Novi Sad is yet another fantastic city in Serbia. It is, like Belgrade, recognized for cultural variety (you can visit different kinds of places of worship), but it’s also a pleasant, active city full of fantastic pubs and great music.

Church of St.Sava in Belgrade, Serbia


Everyone can find something to enjoy in Montenegro. Its expansive and unspoiled natural landscapes will draw both nature lovers and thrill seekers, who may get their fix of excitement at the Durmitor National Park while rafting through the River Tara canyon, the deepest in all of Europe.

In addition, Montenegro boasts wonderful historic seaside cities like Kotor and Budva where you can enjoy a day at the beach while enjoying the exploration of lovely stone-paved alleys and medieval city walls.

Black Lake in Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

North Macedonia

Beautiful North Macedonia is home to expansive and rural landscapes. But it also has a number of urban attractions worth visiting. Ohrid is a historic city with a staggering array of diverse churches and historic structures, as well as the stunning Lake Ohrid, which is located right next to it.

Skopje feels a fair distance from the peaceful lakeside town of Ohrid, even though they are both in the same nation. The capital of North Macedonia is a massive, imposing city with majestic buildings that rival any of the affluent central European metropolises.

View over Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia


Another Balkan nation with stunning beaches and endless sunny days is Albania, which is located on the Adriatic Sea coast. Even if it is less well-known as a holiday spot than, say, Croatia, this does not reflect its attractiveness, and it is certain to change soon.

Due to its geographical location, Albania was ruled by the Greeks, Romans, and Venetians for a considerable amount of time. This is reflected in the stunning architecture of the country; the Roman amphitheatre in Durres is just one outstanding example. Tirana, the capital of Albania, is a remarkable fusion of cultural influences, with brutalist, Italian, and European bourgeois architecture all around the city.

Tirana, the capital of Albania

Balkan Tours are the vacations of the future

Despite the turbulent past, this region has lived through in the past, it has been a long time since. People are starting to again discover what a wonderful place the Balkans are, and what a waste it would be if they don’t visit them at least once.

That’s why we have prepared an awesome selection of Balkan Tours, where you can experience the Balkans to the fullest.

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