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24 Jan

What to do in the Vipava Valley in the winter months

The Vipava Valley in Slovenia is a beautiful destination year-round. It is known for its picturesque landscapes, delicious local cuisine, and excellent wines. Here are a few activities that visitors can enjoy during the winter months in the Vipava Valley. Food Tasting: One of the best...

3 Aug

Guided Fishing Trips to Slovenia

Fishing is a sport. Fishing is an art. Fishing is mastering patience while recharging your batteries in the embrace of nature. Everyone can do it and everyone should try it. Whether you’re a pro or an enthusiastic beginner, choosing the right location to cast your line...

3 Aug

Explore the Balkans from Slovenia

The Balkans are a region with a fascinating history and diverse culture. From the sunny beaches of Croatia to the snowy peaks of Albania, this region is home to many different countries and cultures. Here are some of the best countries you should include in your...

3 Aug

Where to Go Fly Fishing in Slovenia? [Top 5 rivers]

Slovenia is one of Europe’s top fly-fishing destinations. With over 5,000 rivers and streams, it might seem difficult to choose where to go. Although you mostly cannot go wrong, whatever you choose, it helps if you can fish where it suits you best. Here are the...

3 Aug

5 Must-See Places in Slovenia

So you’re eyeing Slovenia for your next holiday destination? Good choice. Now you’re wondering, where should I go? What places in Slovenia should I visit? Worry no more — here are the 5 places you simply must visit in Slovenia. Lake Bled Bled is a no-brainer, and you’ve...

28 Jun

Hiking Triglav — The Highest Mountain in Slovenia

Triglav is the highest and the most iconic mountain in Slovenia. With its 2864 meters of elevation, you can see it from the whole country. As the main attraction in almost every Slovenian panorama, it constantly invites you to visit its peak. They say you are...

28 Jun

Best Destinations for Shore Excursions from Koper

When your cruise stops in Slovenia, you should use that opportunity to explore the country. Koper is a great port of call for unique and exciting shore excursions. On most shore excursions, you would only visit the town you’re stopping in. Here this would be Koper....

2 Feb

Why do we believe that the Vipava Valley is ideal for cycling?

The Vipava Valley and its surroundings are a paradise for cyclists. The mild sub-Mediterranean climate with many sunny days allows cycling all year round. The high plateaus of Nanos and Trnovo forest, the Vipava hills overgrown with vines, and the valley with the river Vipava...

13 Apr

Welcome to Wajdusna.com!

We succeeded to keep our valley genuine, green and incredibly peaceful. During your visit, you will discover our tradition, which still plays a big part in our daily lives, how we socialize, drink wine, eat traditional food and enjoy ourselves cycling, hiking or paragliding. Anyone you...

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