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Guided Fishing Trips to Slovenia

Fishing is a sport. Fishing is an art. Fishing is mastering patience while recharging your batteries in the embrace of nature. Everyone can do it and everyone should try it.

Whether you’re a pro or an enthusiastic beginner, choosing the right location to cast your line is of paramount importance. Luckily, there’s a humble and exceptionally beautiful land that has all the best qualities of a prime fishing destination.

That land is called Slovenia. Its 12,000 hectares of water surfaces might appear small compared to those of bigger countries, yet the purity and diversity of Slovenia’s crystal-clear rivers and lakes are undeniably among the most attractive in the world.

From expert anglers to holiday-makers in search of fun outdoor activities, Slovenia’s fishing areas are accessible, numerous, and surrounded by the most breath-taking natural environment you could possibly imagine.

Fishing in Slovenia’s pristine rivers and lakes

Slovenia’s unspoilt waters are absolutely teeming with life. To be precise, there are 200 to 400 kg of fish per hectare of water in the country’s 500 fishing districts. And that’s no fish story!

Together with its tributaries, the emerald queen of alpine rivers, the Soča, is home to the king among fish, the Marble trout and other related species, including hybrids. Then there’s the mighty Sava, Slovenia’s longest alpine river, which is world-famous for its grayling, rainbow and brown trout as well as the land-locked Danube salmon.

Fishing surrounded by beautiful scenery

The slower flowing chalk streams of central Slovenia include the trout packed Unica, the gorgeously green Krka with its wels catfish and sharp-teethed pike, and the marshy Ljubljanica, which flows through the country’s capital, is home to the elusive huchen.  

The two big glacial lakes in Slovenia, Bohinj and Bled, are not only unfathomably beautiful tourist traps, they also contain a large population of fish. From the deep-swimming burbot, to the offshore perch, the autochthonous lake trout, the carp, eelpout, the sporty pike and pikeperch, chub, tench, the list goes on.

Where diversity meets accessibility

Besides its diverse landscape and enviable supply of fish, Slovenia offers the purest and most accessible countryside in Europe. Thanks to its miniature size, travel distances in Slovenia are incredibly short, which enables you to make great use of its network of rivers and lakes.

Great fishing spots right in the capital of Slovenia


You can fish in what seems like the most remote wilderness, with deep gorges, towering mountains and lush forests all around, while civilisation is in fact never far away. This allows you to switch locations easily and try different fishing spots in a matter of hours, as well as explore other aspects of the country’s rich natural and cultural heritage.

And the best way to take advantage of this unspoilt fisherman’s playground is by joining a guided fishing trip. You’ll be taken to the most promising fishing spots and supplied with top-notch fishing advice on what to catch and where to cast your line. Just remember to relax and reel in the unspoilt surroundings along with its water-dwelling beauties.

Fishing season in Slovenia

Fantastic fishing can be enjoyed in Slovenia all-year-round. In most locations, the fishing seasons starts in early spring, when nature starts to awaken. March begins with and ends in trout and April is when all trout species are up for grabs. The month of May is wels catfish time, with barbel slowly swimming into the picture. It also signals the beginning of pike season and in mid-May grayling season opens and runs until late autumn.

Fishing in Slovenia can be enjoyed all year round

The summer months are of course most plentiful. Every species of fish can be caught during this hot period. Days are longer and so is the time to fish. Evening fishing for carp is always an excellent idea. Come September, the fish are busy feeding in preparation for their winter rest, which makes it perfect for catching fish of almost every variety.

In October, the season for catching the king of Slovenian waters, the Danube salmon, is open. You can catch this stunning fish right up until 15 February. Late October brings the season of Soča trout to a close, and if the autumn months are warm enough, most Slovenian fish can still be caught until November. 

As autumn draws to a close, nature begins to calm and the time is ripe catching a trophy-sized carp, grayling or trout. During winter months, most fish are less active, yet there’s still hope of catching a trophy-sized carp. It might be blistering cold, but solitude makes fishing this time of year a very unique experience.

Fishing adventure of a lifetime

There you have it. Fishing in Slovenia is an all-inclusive adventure. Accommodations and travel are easy. Rivers and lakes are unforgettable, uncrowded and unspoilt. Freshwater creatures will be hooked and so will you.

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