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Hiking Triglav — The Highest Mountain in Slovenia

Triglav is the highest and the most iconic mountain in Slovenia. With its 2864 meters of elevation, you can see it from the whole country. As the main attraction in almost every Slovenian panorama, it constantly invites you to visit its peak.

They say you are not a Slovenian until you stand on the top of Triglav at least once in your life. From 1895, when Jakob Aljaž bought a piece of land on top of it and built the iconic turret there, Triglav has had great symbolic importance for Slovenes.

Along with its elevation, this is one of the main factors why many brave hikers go hiking Triglav every summer. It is also the most apparent symbol on our flag in the middle of the emblem.

With its difficulty it is a challenge for many, but easy enough, that anybody can climb it with the right mindset. Where the climb is dangerous, it is protected with steel cables and iron pegs. Still, it is often underestimated, mostly by those not that familiar with mountaineering.

Hiking Triglav from the Krma Valley

Hiking Paths to Triglav

There are many different paths that lead to Triglav. They usually start in one of the many valleys that surround it and converge in one of the three paths taking you through the last few hundred elevation meters before the summit.

Although they have varying degrees of difficulty, all end with a Via Ferrata to the top, which should not be underestimated. That means you should come prepared with appropriate equipment and a dose of previous climbing experience. If not, we recommend that you book a Triglav guide.

The easiest path starts from Krma Valley, which is also where most people attempt to climb Triglav in one day. If you want a more challenging experience, stay your way from the Vrata Valley. And if you are planning to spend multiple days in the Julian Alps, taking in as much of their beauty as possible, consider hiking from Pokljuka or from Bohinj through the extremely scenic Triglav Lakes Valley.

The final ridge of Triglav and the Planika Hut in the background

Either path you choose, the views on the peak will be extraordinary. You will be able to see the Adriatic Sea, the Italian Dolomites, the Austrian Alps, and other Slovenian mountains. After getting baptized after your first ascent (Slovenian tradition), shake each other’s hands and be proud of your accomplishments. But don’t get too ahead of yourself, you still have to get back to the valley.

Tips for the hike

When we are deciding where to go to the top, it’s best to avoid the high season in August. Especially in the last part of the hike, there are usually many “traffic jams”. All that getting out of the way and waiting can get annoying and prolong the last push to the summit almost two times.

If there is no snow (yet), going in late September or June is the best way to go. But be wary that most huts close some time till the end of September, especially if you’re planning a two-day hike. Either way, still try to avoid sunny August Sundays if you want a little more solitude.

Most people hike Triglav in multiple days, sleeping in one of the huts below its peak. They are comfortable, and high enough that you can reach the peak next day in the early hours or even for sunrise. That way you avoid most crowds, and lessen the chances for an afternoon summer storm.

Hiking Triglav from Kredarica

Most people go hiking Triglav in a small group, where at least one has already been on the top and has enough experience to lead the hike. Those that don’t have this opportunity increasingly choose to book a mountain guide.

Besides making your hike safer and more enjoyable, they also bring a lot of additional value. They take care of the logistics and booking of the huts. And during the hike, they can teach you a lot about Slovenian mountains and mountains in general.

Take a look and choose how your first guided Triglav tour will look like.

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